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Unformatted text preview: as row vectors in a matrix A and solve Av = 0. Once we have reduced to a system of homogeneous linear equations, we can read of a basis (hence dimension) from the rref of A. #34, 36 Rule of thumb: never deal with norms ||v|| if you can help it, use ||v||^{2} = v . v, since dot product are nice bilinear objects and norms have a messy square root. 1.6 #15 Set up the circuit 1.27 with definite arrows on each circuit (your choice!), but you will have to pay careful attention to direction: remember that the batteries always push their electrons from small to big bar, so if your bar is facing against the current you must treat the voltage V as a negative number. (it exerts a force against the current instead of with it), and likewise in computing some particular circuit your arrows must go around in a circle, so if one is heading in the wrong direction you must interpret that I as a negative number. Read Example 3 pp....
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