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Making Connections

Making Connections - or PCC OH R R 2°-Al E1 Elim H R R R H...

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Making Connections Organic compounds are connected to one another by chemical reactions. If you haven’t yet started to do so, I recommend you begin drawing out maps of the chemical reactions. It is through these chemical maps that you will begin to see the connections between various functional groups and the reagents that can take you from one to another. LAH R OH O R OH PCC R H O K 2 Cr 2 O 7 /H 1°-Al Acids K 2 Cr 2 O 7 /H Alde. R OR' O H 2 O/H Esters R'OH/H LAH NaBH 4 or LAH R OH 1°-Al HBr or PBr 3 R Br Alk.Hal. Mg R MgBr Grignard Heat/H O R R Ether HBr/ Heat O R' R' Ketones For any 1°, 2° or 3° Alcohol R OH R' R' 3°-Al NaBH 4 or LAH K 2 Cr 2 O 7 /H
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Unformatted text preview: or PCC OH R' R' 2°-Al E1 Elim. H R' R' R H 2 O/H Hydrol. KMnO 4 / H R OH O Acids + O R' R' Ketones NaBH 4 or LAH 1. O 3 2. Zn/H 2 O R H O + O R' R' Ketones Alde. KMnO 4 / OH HO OH R' R' R Diols Alkenes O H H R OH 1°-Al, 1 C addition O R OH 1°-Al, 2 C addtion 1.B 2 H 6 2.H 2 O 2 /OH R' R' R HO (Mark. Addiion) (Anti-Mark. Addition) Disclaimer: the above reaction chart is not complete and is presented for illustrative purposes only. Reactions have been left out and not all connections are shown....
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