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Ethers Nearly Boring

Ethers Nearly Boring - of in an E2 elimination reaction O...

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Ethers (rather low on the excitement scale) I. Making ethers: a. Condensation of two alcohols with a strong acid catalyst. OH 2 H O + H 2 O Linear version HO OH H O + H 2 O Cyclic Version Mechanism HO OH H HO OH 2 H 2 O + HO OH 2 O H Protonate Attack by nucleophile (bite her own tail) O H O + H Loose proton b. Williamson ether synthesis: S N 2 mechanism with an alkoxide nucleophile and an alkyl halide (preferably one without protons alpha to the halide, which can be pulled
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Unformatted text preview: of in an E2 elimination reaction). O + Br O Br + II. Breaking ethers: Using a strong acid with a nucleophile O 2 HI I I + + H 2 O Mechanism I I + H 2 O H O O H Protonate O H + I Attack by nucleophile OH + OH OH 2 Protonate OH 2 + I H Attack by nucleophile...
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