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TM583 Strategic Management of Technology Term Project Instructions A key part of this class is the Term Project – developing a comprehensive written strategic plan for a technology driven organization. The project is intended to provide students with the opportunity to integrate skills and knowledge developed in this course. The project has a value of 200 points or 20% of the overall course grade. This document will provide you with additional information about the requirements as a supplement to the brief description on the course site. General Comments The project is organized consistent with the Terminal Course Objectives. This format allows students to apply what they have learned and serves to reinforce the concepts. The Term Project has 6 sections each of which should cover a specific Terminal Course Objectives 1. Strategy (TCO F) 2. Core Competencies (TCO C) 3. Industry Dynamics (TCO A) 4. Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation (TCO D) 5. Product Development Strategy (TCO E) 6. Strategy to protect innovations (TCO B) Each section of the project should be approximately 2-3 double spaced pages in length. Only the final paper, which is due on the Sunday ending week 7, will be graded. Each plan grade is made up of 3 components and weighted as follows: Content (70%): how well the plan meets the objective of each section, which is organized by Terminal Course Objective. Care should be taken to ensure that your ideas are carefully considered and supported by facts and logical conclusions that can be drawn from them. Presentation (10%): Charts, tables, graphs and similar content that adds to the presentation of your ideas Structure (10%): is the overall organization and appearance of the document. The paper should be organized and structured appropriately for an executive management level.
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