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Lecture 2 Guide - Discovery of Transformation 1928...

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Unformatted text preview: Discovery of Transformation: 1928 Frederick Griffiths Transforming R cells into S cells Streptococcus pneumoniae – S smooth surface, R rough surface Transformation agent is DNA: 1944 Avery, Macleod and McCarty Genetic material is DNA: 1952 Hershey and Chase Structures of the four DNA nucleotides DNA double helix Base pairing in DNA Three alternative models for DNA replication Reaction catalyzed by DNA polymerase A replicating bacterial chromosome: DNA replication at the growing fork Synthesizing the lagging strand Prokaryotic initiation of replication Eukaryotic initiation of replication DNA replication proceeds in two directions The replication problem at chromosome ends Telomere lengthening of 3’ overhang Telomere lengthening ...
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