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BIOL 200 - HW 2 - 6 What class does this drug belong to 7...

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PRINT NAME: _________________________________________ ID#:__________________________________________________ PHARMACOLOGY: HOMEWORK 2 Due: Meeting When Beginning Unit 7 -- Will not be accepted late. Worth: 5 points Time: Do not spend more than 30 minutes USE: DRUG FACTS AND COMPARISONS 1. Use the Table of Contents from the front of Drug Facts &Comparisons to find the chapter heading for either Cardiovascular Drugs or Central Nervous System Drugs. List the section headings for your selected chapter in the space below (i.e. boldface type on chapter index page). 2. Select ONE of the categories which we studied and survey it briefly. 3. Choose a drug that interests your or that you are familiar with and read the section pertaining to that drug. 4. What is the generic name of the drug: _________________________________________ 5. What is the official name of the drug: _________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What class does this drug belong to? __________________________________________ 7. Is there an off-label use listed for this drug? If so, what is it? ____________________________________ Read portions of the category you selected (pick sections at random) and rate your ability to understand what you have read. CIRCLE ONE: A. I can read sections easily -- information is very familiar. B. I can read section, but will probably have to look up a few terms in my medical dictionary. The information is somewhat familiar. C. I would have to work hard to read this book. The information is quite foreign to me. D. I don't think I'll ever be able to read this book. Background CIRCLE ONE: A. I have a lot of clinical background B. I have some clinical background C. I have no clinical background--only Anatomy/Physiology Class...
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