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Print Name:________________________________ Student ID #:_______________________________ Pharmacology: Homework Assignment One Due: March 4, 2009 5 pts Look up a drug of your choice in 3 a Physician’s Desk Reference Book, a Drug Facts & Comparisons Book and another drug reference book of your choice. Goal of the assignment: to familiarize yourself with different drug reference texts and compare how the information is presented differently in each text. What is the name of the drug you have selected? _______________________________ A. Use: Drug Facts and Comparisons What is the generic name of the drug?________________________________ What is the trade name of the drug?__________________________________ The name of the class in which the drug belongs is listed on the top of the page, what is the class called? _____________________________________ What drug company makes this drug?___________________________________ Is this a scheduled drug? ___________ If so, where does it fall on the schedule of
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