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Pharmacology Extra Credit Assignment Worth 5 points Due Meeting Before Final Exam Accepted Earlier but not later Assignment: 1. Read one article in a professional journal which has been published within the past 15 months. This includes major science magazines ( Scientific American , Science , Lancet , Physiological Reviews , etc.) and any nursing or medical magazine ( RN , Nursing '05 , JAMA , etc.). For Pharmacology, a significant portion of the article should focus on a particular drug or medication or should overview options in drug therapy for the condition. The condition and its management will certainly be part of the article, but not to the exclusion of medications. Do NOT use simply a newspaper article or an article from a general magazine such as Time or Newsweek or even a layman's science magazine such as Science News . Do NOT use a letter to the editor or question/answer section. MUST BE A FULL ARTICLE
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