Lecture4w06 - Adding definitions and conditions How to use...

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1 ScriptEase: A Pattern Based Approach to Scripting Curtis Onuczko Thursday, January 19, 2006 Overview What is ScriptEase? Why use ScriptEase? When to use ScriptEase? How to use ScriptEase Tips and Tricks What is ScriptEase? A tool to automatically generate scripts for Neverwinter Nights Uses patterns to automatically script commonly occurring scenarios External tool used with the Aurora toolset Why use ScriptEase? The goal is to generate scripting code without writing any code Easy enough for a non-programmer to use Flexible enough to script some complicated scenarios
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2 When should you use ScriptEase? You have very little experience programming e.g. a game designer You need to script a simple, commonly occurring scenario Prototyping Can use to complete 90% of a real game’s scripts… How to use ScriptEase - 1 Preparation Learn the pattern catalog Game development Instantiate a pattern Modifying a pattern Removing situations, actions, definitions and conditions Adding actions
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Unformatted text preview: Adding definitions and conditions How to use ScriptEase - 2 Game development cont. Plot tokens Useful way to pass information between pattern instances (*) actions Vs. regular actions Conditional actions (If there is time) Tips and Tricks - 1 Save lots of time testing In the toolset Build Test Module In ScriptEase Build Load and Play Module in NWN Copy and paste from Encounter Designer to Encounter Builder Can be less tedious than navigating menus 3 Tips and Tricks - 2 Picking objects in ScriptEase Use drop down menu in picker to quickly search for objects In the toolset Get in habit of only instantiating objects that are in the custom palette Makes ScriptEase much easier to use Conclusions You can use ScriptEase to script most game scenarios ScriptEase avoids many of the common errors encountered with programming and scripting languages...
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Lecture4w06 - Adding definitions and conditions How to use...

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