Review17w06 - Lecture Review Sheet The culture of Gaming...

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Lecture Review Sheet: The culture of Gaming Sean Gouglas CMPUT 299 Winter 2006 Main Ideas and Concepts A. Introduction Culture describes social actors, the webs of significance that allow for social actors to communicate and understand each other, and the material artefacts that facilitates that interaction. And just to complicate matters, I would also add that the study of culture should also include some understanding of what appear to be evolutionary pressures towards self- similarity that tend to have a stabilizing effect. But, there are three caveats that need to be mentioned before I introduce these topics: A. First, it is very difficult to pull on the threads of a society in order to understand it with out tugging on the other threads that make up the whole picture. How can we talk about violence in gaming without dealing with its impact on the idea of community in gaming, or the portrayal of female sexuality in games. B. And second, al of these things are tied up in the economic machinery that is a modern capitalist economy. Earlier theorists of this “Culture Industry” saw collusion and capitulation between the creators of popular culture, the financiers of the same, and overt and hidden mechanisms of social control that perpetuate the consumer society. And while
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Review17w06 - Lecture Review Sheet The culture of Gaming...

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