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1/23/09 Native American stories originally oral if before age of native american writers. What's missing? What was added by others? Performance accompanied? Accum, late 1800s wrote in english. Yuki account prolly late 1600s, Handsome Lake 19 th century. Pg 40 stress difficulty in understanding, granted permission to share land mystical vision, affects story feeling, other truths may exist. 1799 for Handsome Lake, much clearer to natives, vast majority of whites had no interest of sharing land. Genocide, wars, disease (blood corruption), etc. Handsome lake inspired a cultural movement, fiercer pride, Longhouse religion, revival, spiritual reframing, talks about Satan, lamented his evil had been enormous. Devil laments = suggests magnitude of failure. Virgin de Guadalupe oral tale, Aztecs, translated Spanish into English. Literature of cultural encouter; emblematizes 2 mixed heritages, less than 40 years after Columbus discovers. Mestizaje blending of cultures, virgin Mary → brown skin. Tension continues between spanish wealthy, poor natives expressed in tons of ways now to connect with culture. Sherman Alexie native american, capture reality of natives today and resilience. Grew up on reservations. By late 1960s, 2 generations of english native american writers, lots of culture and writing. Victor, messed up dad, parents drank, dad ditched. Pg 254??? dad describes prison, rape race, hitchhiked to woodstock, saw hendrix. Pg 258, music, blues, Robert Johnson
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1/26/08 John Smith, adventurer, early action hero, slave in Turkey. Known for incident with Pocahontas. Smith didn't mention for 17 years, why so engrained in US culture? Captured by Powhatans, treated him fairly well, consultation happened, about to beat out his brains, saved by Pocahontas. Alleviates white guilt lol “pocahontas trailer” Die of rebellion, against the grain learning about culture mix. John smith pg132 led ppl to New England, starts a company, lead settlers to New England, needs settlers and investors, starts with nothing “small means but merit” to make riches, forgets about natives in this process. Says work not any harder than in England, and if you work hard, 2x wealth and ease of life.l Another chance for paradise, easy to fish, easy to sell, easy to make money. P135 talks of biblical references p168 Puritans, radical Protestants, William Bradford, no friends, no houses, no nothing, Wintertime, unknown contrast this harsh retrospect vs. Smith's paradise John Winthrop, page 156 first Puritan sermon delivered on ship just before landing/disembarking, describe community about to happen, emphasis on togetherness, rich ppl poor ppl split happens, togetherness but not communist/socialist, special obligation to follow commandments. Saw themselves as spiritual Jewish descendants, special covenant with god, in wilderness of America. “city upon a hill” image. Quote, “All eyes are upon us” opportunity to build community, rest of history will imitate, if we fuck
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E316K notes - 1/23/09 Native American stories originally...

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