EXAM 1 1-23 thru 2-16

EXAM 1 1-23 thru 2-16 - Todays literature was the result of...

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Jan 23, 2009 Today’s literature was the result of a mixture of cultures – Cultural encounter literature When two or more cultures encounter each other, rich literature, music, etc is created. Accounts of Origin Two native accounts of the coming of the Europeans There is no such thing as “The American Arrival” by Native Americans, but there are several different accounts One account of the Virgin’s appearance Sherman Alexie Begin with Native accounts Thousands of different tribes/languages. NOT dialects. Miniscule selection Can’t even pretend to be representative of “the” native perspective. To be honest, there can really be no single native perspective to the European arrival. First translated into English and then written down, a long time after it had been told. Oral stories Whenever we read Native American material, we often have to ask ourselves: Was it oral or written? There were Native American writers, but a lot of stories were passed orally Was it spoken or performed? If performed, we only get a snippet of what the actual piece really was. It has been diminished so much, we don’t see the movements and the full gamut of the performance Keep these issues in mind Both pieces begin, of course, with the Natives already living in the Americas By no means was it the New World to them Uke Account We see the whites rising out of the foam of the sea They express the initial difficulty of communication Benign occurrence The Whites ask to share the land and the Uke’s agree Handsome Lake Account Member of the Seneca tribe
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The longhouse religion Religious revitalizations Had a vision of how the whites really came to the America’s Understand the context Now 1799, United States has existed for 26 years Contrary to the Uke account, the white people now begin policies of removal, genocidal conflicts, diseases brought by Europeans have decimated Native populations “Blood corruption” – disease Already by 1799, Native cultures are under huge strains. They see a weakening of their traditional morals and beliefs. All inspired Handsome Lake Wanted to lead a cultural revival. “The Longhouse Religion” Involved a spiritual revisualization of that moment of encounter with the Europeans What was “really going on” with that encounter Part of the sophistication of his ideas Interwoven are allusions to Christian religious imagery Use of Satan Even the devil laments that this evil was so enormous, i.e. the evils brought to the Natives. Virgen de Gu adeloupe Initially an oral tale. Initially relayed in Aztec (Juan Diego’s first language). Written in Aztec, later translated to Spanish and even more later translated into English. The Virgen essentially symbolizes the mestizo culture, the mixing of Spanish with the natives
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EXAM 1 1-23 thru 2-16 - Todays literature was the result of...

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