USH1 07092009 - Worlds Colide Europe in the age of exploration Europe in 1400 Columbus discovers America consequences and leadup to that Not

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7/9/2009 Worlds Colide Europe in the age of exploration Europe in 1400 Columbus discovers America, consequences and leadup to that. Not entirely true, lots of different ppl living here before that and other ueopreans did arrive before he did. In 1400s, most Europeans are not gonna believe within a couple generations Europe would become a lot more powerful than it has been, most powerful in world at the time. Coming out of middle ages, lot of internal warfare, countries fighting with themselves, recovering from Black Death/Bubonic Plague, swept Europe in the 1300s, 1/3 population died. Lots of poor and hungry ppl. Bc of all these problems, europe isn't really advanced in terms of science. A lot Europeans think most of what needs to be figured out already done by Greeks Romans. Lots of science discouraged by catholic church. Most powerful empire at the time is the Muslim empire where Turkey is today, spread out, Northern Africa, Balkans (bosnia, serbia, croatia), a lot fo Asia, Southeast Europe, into Spain. Two things, most ppl in muslim empire practice islam, for catholics that is a problem, 2 nd , muslim controls most trade routes. If they want to get stuff from Asia or africa, have to deal with middlemen or go through muslim empire. Reason for exploring, need to find own ways to get to Africa and Asia for silk spices ivory all that. Brief period of time out of black death, Europe well off, jobs, food, shelter, bc of smaller population. Inheriting land, money, talking to each other, exchanging ideas. Start technological advancements. Printing press; information distro cheap and quick, ordinary ppl start to read. Compass, hourglass, astrolabe, quadrant (determine latitude). Up until 1400s, couple of different kingdoms, Aragon and Castile, 1469, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand get mraried, united them into Spain. Portuguese Exploration Defeat Muslims at Strait of Gibraltar, access to coastline of Africa. Part of reconquest, Portuguese and Spanish pushing muslims out of portugal and spain. Before this, most European sailors have only gone along the coastline of western Europe, north Scandinavia, up around and north, and back to Spain. After 1415, Portuguese start going opposite direction towards western coast of Africa, At first still didn't want to lose sight of land, reached Cape Verde by 1444, still along coastline at that point. Developed new ships called Caravels. A little bigger, more room for storage, stronger. Better able to sail on open ocean. Bartholomew Dias, sails around the cape of Good Hope 11488, southern tip of Africa. 1498, Vasco de Gama commands first portuguese ships to sail to India. Both these guys portuguese. Traveling along coast of Africa and finding islands, Canaries, Azores, Madeiras, explored. Decide to settle them, become sites of big sugar plantations. At first, Europeans enslave natives, but the
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USH1 07092009 - Worlds Colide Europe in the age of exploration Europe in 1400 Columbus discovers America consequences and leadup to that Not

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