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7/15/2009 General court was govt for MA alone. IV. Religion Challenges A. Dissenters – back in england, most puritans are brought together by fact that they're different than most of the establishment, one of their main points is that ppl should have individual relationship with god, as time goes on, as ppl study the bible for themselves, puritans start to disagree with each other. Also a time when a lot of new denoms crop up. Out of human nature, ppl interpret bible in different ways, a lot of puritan leaders don't like new interpretations either. Two important dissenters are Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. Roger Williams says that it is ok for christians to have different ideas about the bible and wha god expects from ppl. He thinks there is a right interpretation, not completely tolerant, but only god knows the whole truth, we can only try to interpret it. Complete separation of church and state, govt should tolerate all religious beliefs, though christianity is correct religion and his interp is best. Slightly different subject, claim/take indian land is national sin. Kicked out of MA, going to ship him back to england but he escapes, walks south for 14 weeks, eventually founds Rhode Island. RI starts as haven for individualists and outsiders as a result. Anne Hutchinson starts by leading bible group at her house for women. At first, the women talk about the ideas of John Cotton, Eventually she sorta branches out, talk about her own ideas, starts to attract men and women. Her main point, borrowed from john cotton sorta, puritans focus too much on idea of good works, wants to get back to a strictly Calvinist mindset where you are already fucked or saved. Eventually excommunicated, kicked out of MA, goes to RI first then NY, her and most of her family killed by indians. B. Witches in Salem – Salem witch trials, lots of ppl in the 1600s believe in witches. Before 1692, around 93 ppl accused of being witches, 16 executed. In Virginia, 9 ppl tried, 1 executed. 1692, small group of women in Salem, MA, accuses 100s of ppl being witches. Most but not all are women, eventually 18 ppl are convicted and hanged, 19 th crushed to death with stones. Until somebody accuses governors wife and governor shuts everything down. Lots of theories about what was going on, but ppl in late 1600s are afraid of witches. C. church membership – members, called Saints, everybody attends church though, Saints are ppl that are almost certainly saved, new birth experience ppl, try to prove or claim that they went through this new birth experience. Only the saints can take communion, only male church members can govern the church, earliest years of the colonies, most adults are saints. As time goes on, fewer ppl become church members. Religious disagreements. Only can be baptized as babies if parents are full members, become partial member like that. Revised rules, children of baptized can be baptized too, changed rules early 1600s, population is growing faster than churches can be built, not enough room for people sometimes,
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USH1 07152009 - 7/15/2009 General...

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