USH1 07212009 - 7/21/2009 Colonial Life I. The Middle...

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7/21/2009 Colonial Life I. The Middle Colonies A. New York – originally in terms of the Europeans settled by the Dutch, in the early 1600s Netherlands (Holland) is powerful nation, strong fishing, strong military, strong economy, Amsterdam is a major european city, lot of banking and shipping, tolerant in terms of religion. Netherlands is a republic, a representative government (will talk about republic later) so its different from other countries. Netherlands highest standard of living in Europe, start to build up empire (go out and take over other places). Establish Capetown on cape of good hope in africa, take over some places in South America, Caribbean, sail up Hudson River in 1609, 1614 build a fort on the Hudson River called Fort Nassau. Not terribly successful, 50 ppl by 1620. Most ppl living there are employees of Dutch West India company, want to set up something more permanent. 1626, director of company Peter Minuit, purchases Manhattan island from indians. Start small settlement called New Amsterdam on southern tip of the island. Not that many ppl come, but the ppl that do are very diverse, New Amsterdam has religious tolerance so dissenters and different kinds of ppl gather. Most come in family units, most are farmers or skilled workers, come out of New England to live in New Amsterdam, may leave puritan colonies bc of disagreements and such. Women had more rights in New Amsterdam, can still own property, sue, be sued, legally exist after marriage. Dutch West India company runs the government in colony, none of the ppl have a voice. 1660, 5k ppl live there, in 1660s into 1670s, Dutch and English go to war 3 times, (recall Nav acts) Dutch don't like Nav Acts, 50s 60s 70s years. 2 nd one, king of England decides he wants to conquer New Amsterdam, sends out Navy, Dutch just surrender it, 1667, New Amsterdam is officially given to England. King of England gives it to his brother as a gift, brother is the Duke of York. New Amsterdam becomes New York in this way. B. New Jersey – less complicated, Duke of York got big land grant that included what becomes NYC, encompasses much more than that. Divides it up, gives portion between Hudson and Delaware Rivers to two friends as a gift. They name their chunk New Jersey. Named New Jersey at first but the two friends split it into East and West Jersey. Both halves pretty similar, encourage farmers to move in, religious tolerants to protestants, west jersey largely colonized by Quakers, east is more diverse. 1702, English government turns them back into New Jersey. C. Pennsylvania – one of the quakers associated with West Jersey is William Penn. Then in 1680, king of england gives william penn 45k square miles of land bc King owed debt to William Penn's father. West of Delaware, becomes Pennsylvania, ppl start moving into it in 1682, 2k ppl arrive, 2k more in
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USH1 07212009 - 7/21/2009 Colonial Life I. The Middle...

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