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7/22/2009 Colonial Crisis I. The Sever Years Wa and its consequences A. the war – Ohio not part of colonies yet, refer to last lecture. Different europeans want access to fur, going into Ohio. Indians in ohio letting french traders go and trap and hunt annd get stuff in return. French hae been in Ohio territory, traders come in from VA and stuff. VA Land Grant. 1755, war going on between British colonists and the French, part of a much bigger problem. Whole conflict for France and Britain as 7 years war, America offshoot called French and Indian War. Both sides try to get indian tribes to ally with them. British want to push french out of Ohio into canada. Go after french in 3 places, Fort Duquesne, in West PA, Fort Niagara, in the great lakes area, and Lake Champlain. French initially had upper hand, alliances with more indian tribes, indians tend to like french better ppl french just want to trade, colonists want to settle. Fort Duquesne is one of the more important battle, marching to Fort Duquesne british soldier and VA militia men including George Washington about 2000 men, defeated by group of french soldiers and indians, about 250 + 650 respectively. About 1000 killed or wounded for british and militia side. When other british soldiers find out about this in America, they retreat and regroup, 2 years of recovering from that and figuring out how to get upper hand. British don't have enough troops or supplies, had to move some of their troops over to america while fighting elsewhere. William Pitt beomes prime minister in 1757, willing to spend more money on war than previous prime minister. Sends troops and supplies, 1758, capture Duquesne, then Niagara 1759, then Ticonderoga, so started willing. Also 1759, St. Lawrence River sail up and capture Quebec. Fighting in Caribbean, Europe, India, in 1762 Spanish come to aid France so British attack Cuba, 1762 spain and france surrender, sign Treaty of Paris 1763. SEVERAL treaties of Paris in US history, this is one of them. Treaty of Paris 1763, England gets Canada from France, reaffirms England has 13 colonies it already has, Spain also gets all French territory west of the Mississippi River. Indians just completely left out again. After war is over, English and the colonists remember the war differently, the english actually in England say the entire thing was won by the British Army and the colonists didn't do shit and traded with France and didn't help fight. Colonists say we were willing to fight but British didn't want us and treated us like garbage. National debt of england doubles during the 7 years war. In the midst of the 7 years war, George the III becomes king when he's 22 years old. Even when its over he decides he wants to keep standing army in the colonies just in case. Indians left out of the treaty keep attacking some forts and settlements at this time. B. British governement issues proclamation of 1763 – basically draws imaginary line along
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USH1 07222009 - 7/22/2009 Colonial Crisis I. The Sever...

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