USH1 07232009 - 7/23/2009 I. Lexington and Concord Before...

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7/23/2009 I. Lexington and Concord Before congress meets again May 1775, war actually starts. People all over colonies were deciding what they wanted. Most people felt like British went too far. Some people are perfectly happy just boycotting, some ppl getting ready for war. In MA, some groups of people start to secretly stockpile guns and ammo. Most ppl weren't getting ready for war though. Secret militia groups called minutemen getting ready. Then governor of MA Thomas Gage aka commander of the army, asks British govt for 20,000 reinforcements in MA. Also asks parliament to repeal the coercive acts. Parliament won't do it, told Thomas Gage he needs to arrest troublemakers. Gage has the suspicion that colonists are gathering stockpiles of weapons and hears they have a secret store of weapons in a town called Concord, west of Boston. April 1775 British soldiers launch surprise attack, two colonists Paul Revere and William Dawes find out and ride to go tell everybody attack is happening. When British soldiers get to Lexington between Boston and Concord, British soldiers find group of 70 armed colonists who have assembled there. Told to go home, most were saying ok fine, but somebody shoots. British then fire back, whole thing lasts about 2 minutes, muskets, 8 “americans” dead 10 wounded. British keep going, get to Concord, same thing happens again, 2 americans 3 british killed at Concord. Don't actually find secret stock pile at Concord, British march back to Boston and here is the most violent part, minutemen hiding along the side of the road sniping, by the end of the day, 273 british 95 american casualties. Started the war. II. The second continental congress A. political and military authority – Meet up May 1775. Other colonists had started the war for these guys, want to do two things that don't really work together. Want to raise an army, and then try to work it out with england. Need soldiers, commander, money, declaration of war, but to try to work it out, they needed someone and someway to deal with the British government. Still most of them not talking about independence at the continental congress, though some MA delegates are. At the time, independence unfathomable, need protection from France and Spain. June 14 th , continental congress creates the continental army, George Washington commander and chief. Chosen bc he's from Virginia, choose ppl from other places to show united effort. At the same time, militias start to train more and more. Thomas Jefferson wrote most of Declaration on the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms, basically spell out all the complaints from last section. Congress authorizes printing of $2million in currency. In the 1770s, very beginning of using paper currency, before this mostly coinage, at the time paper money didn't have gold to back it up, just asked ppl to use it and it didn't really fly then. B. War and Peace – battle of Bunker Hill before they can try to work it out with Britain. Takes place on
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USH1 07232009 - 7/23/2009 I. Lexington and Concord Before...

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