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07302009 A2. Lewis and Clark Expedition – in 1803, Jffeerson had arranged funding for an expedition into Louisiana territory, secret. Scientific and military expedition. Appoints personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark is the co leader. Supposed to investigate indian cultures in the west, collect plants and animal specimens, chart geography, look for locations for forts, see about the fur trade. Put together crew of aobut 45 men of all different skills, interpreters, rivermen, gunsmiths, etc. Leave St. Louis, spring 1804, work their way up Mississippi river, spend winter at an indian village, go west again next spring, reach pacific ocean november 1805. Going slowly bc of investigation. Return trip gets back in 1806 much faster, heroes and all that and ppl are curious for discoveries. B. Barbary Wars – Undeclared war, similar to Quasi War, Tripoli is a city in Libya in North Africa currently, 1800s, Tripoli was a city state on Northern coast, pirates that operate out of Tripoli as ships go through Mediterranean demand a tribute for passage, or they’ll have their shit stolen and crews captured. 1801 pirates up the price, most countries just go along with it up until this time but now Jefferson sends 4 warships to Tripoli. Tripoli declares war on US, we do not declare back. Next 2 years, US blockades Tripoli and escorts ships going through Mediterranean. In 1803, USS Philadelphia runs aground in Tripoli, crew and ship are captured. Goes in, sets USS Philadelphia on fire, attack the city, attack the pirates, set the city on fire, for $60k pirates promises to give back prisoners and stop fucking with ships. C. impressment and embargo – 1803 france and england goes to war again, each side warns US not to help the other side. 1806 british navy stops and inspects US cargo ships, impressing the sailors, as mentioned before. June 1807 American merchant ship ordered to stop by British naval ship, US ship says no, British ship fires, 3 americans are killed, happens at Chesapeake Bay. Jefferson’s 2 nd term, says we need to do something, embargo act of 1807, says cannot trade with any foreign country, get out of this altogether and make sure our products aren’t going to England in some shady roundabout way. Total disaster for American economy. IV. the madison Presidency A. Indians in the West – madison wins presidency 1808, deals with tons of shit. Moving west bumping into indian tribes. Trouble in indiana, NW territories given up by VA, indian chief Tecumseh, gathering up followers and wants to fight back against Americans who keep moving west. Governor of Indiana, William henry Harrison, negotiating treaties with Indians where US is buying indian land. Tecumseh
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USH1 07302009 - 07302009 A2 Lewis and Clark Expedition in...

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