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ESL 141 CauseEffProbSolTopic - Directions Complete an...

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Directions : Complete an outline and write a thesis-based essay on the following topic: What are some of the causes of teenagers dropping out of high school, and what are some possible solutions to the problem? Use information from the following two articles and any other sources approved by your instructor. You should also use your observations and experience. Include examples. (National Public Radio Journalist Says …) Family Breakdown Is a Scandal of Modern Life by Juan Williams [(Adapted from) Commentary on the CBS Evening News, 2006] Here is some news that should be at the top of the front page everyday: Seventy percent of black children are born to unmarried women. Here's some more real news for the front page: As many as half of black children drop out of high school. This is the scandal of modern American life. It is bad enough that a quarter of white children and half of Hispanic children are born out of wedlock. But when 70 percent of any group of children don't have a mom and dad it is a sure fire prescription for family breakdown, educational failure, poverty and criminal behavior. And the problem is compounded by Hip-Hop culture. All the videos feature poisonous images of black people as threatening, violent, over-sexed and dressed like pimps, strippers, gangsters and prisoners - you know, no belt and pants hanging down low. It is bad enough that these images are imprinted on white minds. But it is cruel to send young black people seeking direction the message that this is the most they can hope for in America. Yet when I wrote this in my new book –
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ESL 141 CauseEffProbSolTopic - Directions Complete an...

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