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By developing technology in the medical field we have seen many new inventions, which due to it’s uncleary and consequent gaps in the law, could be advantageously used against the society and the government on the whole. Such innovation as in vitro fertilization in particular cases, which today is not controlled by any law, could cause social concerns, such as abusing the government budget, as well as disadvantages in raising children. Therefore, there must be legislation established in regards to in vitro fertilization. There are a lot of cases through our “The land of free” when someone due to irresponsibility and greed is trying to take advantage of the government, welfare, and as a result, on it’s citizens. Particularly, in vitro fertilization is a “great” tool for mothers to upload ourselfes with embryos and get desired money. Eventually, we as United States taxpayers, will be responsible to cover all extra spendings of these helpless individuals so that financial executives would not lose their usual bonuses and it will not contribute to
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