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ESL 141-NewEssayOutlineExample - Essay Prewriting Name Dr...

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Unformatted text preview: Essay Prewriting Name___________________________________________ Dr. Forrest Fordyce Outlining ESL 141 Please fill in the following outline form before you write your essay. You must write a complete sentence for the thesis, topic sentences, and conclusion. You may , however, use key words or phrases for your support. Title: __________________________________________________________ I. Introduction A. General/Background Statements/Summary of Reading: Do you come from a large family with many brothers and sisters, or perhaps are you the only apple of your parents’ eyes? (Refer to article): In an article by Dr. Kevin Leman, “What Traits Fit You Best?”, the author suggests that your order in the family influences your personality and even the type of occupation you might be good at. B. Thesis Statement: Leman categorizes these birth orders as: first or only-borns, middle borns, or last borns, the youngest. Each group has certain characteristics different from the others. II. Body A. Topic Sentence: According to Leman, first borns and only borns have a number of characteristics in common. 1. Comment: This is only logical since first borns really are only children for a number of years....
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This note was uploaded on 09/26/2009 for the course ESL 141 taught by Professor Forrestfordyce during the Fall '08 term at Glendale Community College.

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ESL 141-NewEssayOutlineExample - Essay Prewriting Name Dr...

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