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ESL141 FA08-Syllabus - ESL 141 Grammar and Writing IV Dr J...

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ESL 141 Grammar and Writing IV Dr. J. Forrest Fordyce, Instructor Fall 2008, Ticket #2848 E-mail: [email protected] Tues. & Thurs. 2:30PM – 5:13PM Office: San Gabriel Bldg., Room 218 Phone: (818) 240-1000, x 5501 Office Hours: MW 4:00-5:00 PM; Website: http://www.glendale.edu/staff/staff/homes/ffordyce/index.htm TTh 5:30-7:00 PM COURSE OVERVIEW Required Texts : 1. Grammar in Use, Intermediate (with answer key); R. Murphy. (Used book with NO writing inside OK.) 2. Weaving It Together, Book 4 , Broukal, M. Required Supplies : 1. Five large “blue books” for writing essays and other in-class compositions. 2. An erasable blue or black pen is useful as essays must be written in pen. 3. A notebook for homework and note taking. Recommended : A paperback English dictionary and a paperback bilingual dictionary. NOTE! Electronic dictionaries must be set to SILENT mode during in-class essay writing! In addition, dictionaries may not be shared during in-class essay exams: Please bring your own dictionary! Course Description : English as a Second Language 141 is designed for students at the advanced level of grammar and writing. Critical analysis of academic reading materials encourages independent thinking and the expression of informed opinion. Compositions are written in response to readings and discussions and become the vehicle for showing the ability to use advanced grammatical structures of English. Student Learning Outcomes: (1) Students should be able to understand and use high- intermediate grammar and punctuation with 70% accuracy. (2) Students should be able to write thesis-based multi-paragraph essays in both expository and persuasive modes. (3) Students should be able to revise essays for coherence and edit for level-appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Prerequisite and Recommended Preparation : Placement is based on a composite of test scores and academic and background or previous successful completion of ESL 133. Concurrent enrollment in an appropriate ESL listening and speaking course and a reading course is recommended. Students who are repeating ESL 141 (taking the class a second or third time) must see Dr. Fordyce at the end of the first class session to make an appointment to discuss your plans for the semester, and repeating students are required to purchase a new (never used) grammar book. Repeating students who do not meet these requirements will be dropped at the end of the second week of classes. Testing and Grading : Your final course grade will be based upon a distribution of our class work as follows: Glendale Community College, English as a Second Language 141, Fall 2008, Dr. Fordyce, Instructor
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400 points : A minimum of four graded in-class compositions (four to five-paragraph essays)* 300 points : Grammar and mechanics tests 200 points : Final ESL Division Essay 100 points : Final ESL Division Grammar Mastery Test *THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP EXAMS OR ESSAYS. If you miss one exam or essay, you will receive a score for that exam or essay based upon the average of all other exams or essays you take during the semester—excluding the final essay and final grammar exam.
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