ESL141-All AsignmentsFFordyce'sFALL08)

ESL141-All AsignmentsFFordyce'sFALL08) - In-Class...

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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Essay #1Directions:For this essay, you will be given a short essay passage to read, analyze, and respond to in a CLASSIFICATION essay. First, read the essay carefully, look up key words in your dictionary and determine the general and specific topic of the article, the thesis and topic sentences, and the concluding position of the author. Outside of class, you may also research the topic yourself, but this step is NOT REQUIRED. You may bring to class one or two articles on the topic which you have printed from any online (Internet) source. Please tell me at the beginning of the writing period if you have any extra materials. [Thus, you could have three articles: the one I gave you and one or two others that you find.] Next, prepare your outline (on the form I showed you in class). Bring your bluebook and dictionaries. Only the article(s), your outline, and your dictionary can be used. No other material may be used during the essay writing. Please, DO NOT have any other extra papers or notes in your dictionary!! You may practice writing a complete essay at home, but YOU CANNOT USE THAT ESSAY when you are taking the essay writing exam. You may use the back of the article paper or pages in the front or back of your bluebook to take notes, brainstorm, or prewrite. You will have 1:45 to complete your essay. Please, no talking or borrowing of dictionaries during the exam. If you have any questions, please raise your hand or call my name. Then, you may come to the podium to receive help. Questions?Revision Directions (for extra points)Please turn in your paragraph or essay on Thursday, Oct. 2 at the latest.You are NOT REQUIRED to participate in optional extra points activities. If you choose to attempt to receive extra points for this essay, please follow these directions:(1) All papers must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font.(2) Students who received A or B: Take ONE body paragraph, revise and/or elaborate it, add five transition expressions from the list below, modify your sentences to make your new paragraph with transitions "work." You may receive up to 3 points for this exercise. [P.S. If you received an A and you would be willing to share your essay with your current classmates (or my future students), could you please type your complete essay with corrections and email it to me as an attachment? Thank you so much!](3) Students who received C or D: Correct and revise completely, responding to any comments I have written on your essay, type the essay completely over, take to the Writing Lab (in the Learning Center) to have a tutor give you feedback on your essay before and/or after your revision, put the appointment sticker on your essay )or have the tutor SIGN YOUR ESSAY and print his or her name) and return to me. You may receive up to 5 points for this exercise....
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This note was uploaded on 09/26/2009 for the course ESL 141 taught by Professor Forrestfordyce during the Fall '08 term at Glendale Community College.

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ESL141-All AsignmentsFFordyce'sFALL08) - In-Class...

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