ESL141-I desiced to continue the topic we discussed during the first classes and tell you about one

ESL141-I desiced to continue the topic we discussed during the first classes and tell you about one

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I desiced to continue the topic we discussed during the first classes  and tell  you about one interesting article «The Remains of Doctor Bass». The  author's name is Alan Bellow. He describes one interesting facility, which  located in the Knoxville, Tennessee. The name of this place is Body Farm.  This piece is so descriptive that if you have good imagination, you can feel  the actual smell of human decay. You could see, as he said, «mounds of  maggots obscuring every orifice». You could imagine yourself in this place  overfilled with decomposed bodies of the decesed one's.  Corpses are everywhere as well as wonderring groups of students , police  officers and FBI agents who are here for research and study purposes.  A Body Farm consists of 2.5 acres. At any time there will be several dozens 
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Unformatted text preview: of bodies placed in different settings and left to decompose. The bodies come from various sources such as unclaimed corpses, criminals whose relatives refuse to bury, local volunteers, body donators. There is a waiting list of people for the farm. Despite the fact, that idea of the Body Farm may sound a bit creepy. However, its research is very important within forensic anthropology and related disciplines. It has applications in the fields of law enforcement, medical examination and crime scene investigation . Existence of such places reminds us that all data regards biology has to be learned by means of observation and experiment no matter how crude and offensive it might seem to bystanders. I think, it's a big leap forward for science....
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