ESL141-MIDTERM_Successful Students Brief

ESL141-MIDTERM_Successful Students Brief - The 8 items...

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The 8 items listed below are paraphrased from an article by Larry M. Ludewig called “Ten Commandments for Effective Study Skills” which appeared in The Teaching Professor , December, 1992. Read the article and consider each point carefully. Then organize a thesis-based process essay in which you answer the question: “What do successful students do?” Use some of the information in the article along with your own ideas and experience to explain the process of becoming a successful student. Order your body paragraphs according to time sequence as follows: (1) what successful students do before they begin the semester or before they start taking college classes; (2) what successful students do while they are taking classes; and (3) what successful students do outside of (or after) class to promote their education and learning. Before you begin, you might want to consider how each of the steps below fit into the three time periods above. Successful Students Successful students exhibit a combination of successful attitudes and behaviors as well as intellectual capacity. Successful students . . . 1. . . . have educational goals. Successful students have legitimate goals and are motivated by what they represent in terms of career aspirations and life's desires. Ask yourself these questions: What am I doing here? Where can this lead me? If your educational goals are truly yours, not someone else's, they will motivate a vital and positive academic attitude. If you keep focusing on your true goals, nothing can stop you; if you aren't clear about your goals, you
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ESL141-MIDTERM_Successful Students Brief - The 8 items...

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