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Directions: For this essay, read the article and then write an essay, with a formal outline, classifying people—their personalities, the jobs they might choose, how they may be as friends, partners, spouses, or parents—by their birth order: first born or only child, middle born, or last born, the “baby.” Use examples of yourself, other people you know, and/or people you research online. You will write your final version of the essay in class, with only this article, your completed outline, and your dictionary to help you. Your typed (12-point font) or handwritten outline may only be two pages in length. What Traits Fit You Best? by Dr. Kevin Leman* Birth order is the science of understanding your place in the family line. To introduce my clients to birth order, I often give them a little quiz: Which of the following sets of personality traits fits you the best? (Just pick the list with the most items that seem to describe you and your way of operating in life.) A. perfectionist, reliable, conscientious, list maker, well organized, hard
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