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ESL145-Speech (how to) - How To Use Body Language In An...

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  How To Use Body Language In An Effective way. What if you could send exactly the right message to your teacher, friend or boss without saying a word? Well, you can. .. if you know how to use your body language in an effective way. In the following I'll give you some easy tips on how to make a positive impression, how to maintain leadership, how to be dominant in some situations you need, even how to flirt in an effective way and some more interesting clues about helping you in various life situations. Even when you're silent, your body is sending signals about your mood and inner thoughts. This prosess hapens subconsciously. This is the human body. Let's start from the top by first talking about facial expressions. I think, you have heard a lot about eye contact Eye contact leaves a powerful impression – and those who maintain it often seem dominant. The way you look at people will also tell them how serious you are. We have different types of gazes. There are two important ones among them. The first one you use in everyday life, It takes as little as half a second and it goes by without notice. Most of the time we look at people from the right eye over to their left and then down to the nose, mouth or chin. This is known as the social or friendly gaze. But this type is only appropriate for the kind of friendly relationships or if you want to make a positive impression. If you are trying to discipline someone looking this way, they will not take you as seriously as you may want. In this case you will need the second type of the gaze. The second one is the serious. This gaze remain fixed on a point just above and between eyebrows. Suddenly they will know you are completely serious. Smile. A person who smiles when it is required during a discussion seems more natural and truthful. One of the important things I want to mention is This is not so hard to draw a friendly smile on your face when you greet someone or say someone goodbye. It makes a good impression and you remain in that person's imagination as an someone special.
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Head position When you want to feel confident and to be auth o ritative person keep your head level both horizontally and vertically. On the other hand, when you want to be friendly and you are in the listening
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ESL145-Speech (how to) - How To Use Body Language In An...

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