ESL145-Speech(personality) - Who is Serge Diaghilev?...

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Who is Serge Diaghilev? Discovering The Truth. 1872-1929 According to one Russian encyclopedia, Sergey Pavlovich Diaghilev – the Russian founder of the Ballets Russes, who gave birth for many world talents, which musical and visual perceptions conquered world’s respect and admiration. So, let’s break this definition and see, who really he was? Was he really Russian? Of course, no. First of all, take a look at his years of living. It was difficult years to live in Russia. Time for the World crisis. Time of “changes”. The years before the Second World war started. Russian culture and politics were also coming to the revolutionary boil and Diaghilev was part of a group of artists and aesthetes who embraced new trends in Western art. So it was inevitable for him to cross the boarders to run his own show. Throughout the Soviet era, Diaghilev and his colleagues were regarded in Russia as defectors and almost as traitors. About all his life he spent in Europe. Did his career mostly in France, and had a big affect on France, as well as Europe. He was buried in Venice. But on the other side, he was totally saturated by Russianness. Diaghilev was born into privileged Old Russia. His parents were wealthy and well connected Russian provincials (he met both Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky as a child). Thruought his life we can see the close link connection between him and his Motherland. He was a founder of a Russian Ballet. He promoted and discovered to the world a lot of
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ESL145-Speech(personality) - Who is Serge Diaghilev?...

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