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Assignment #3 ESL 146 1. Russia’s traditional and largest religion is Ortodox Christianity. However, there is no official government-supported church or religion due to ethnitic diversification as well as religious pluralism. According to the Constitution of Russian Federation, Article 14, « 1. The Russian Federation is a secular state. No religion may be established as a state or obligatory one. 2. Religious associations shall be separated from the State and shall be equal before the law.» The beneficial side of the govermental support could be expressed in the strength and power of the official religion. The disadvantage of this is the domination of the one religion over others. 2. According to the Labor Code of Russian Federation, «all Russian employees are entitled to 28 paid vacation days per year. The pay an employee receives for this vacation is referred to as "vocational days" and is the employer's responsibility to pay.» Unlike Russia and other industrialized nations, the United States has no law requiring companies to give their
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