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Chapters 7-8 1) What are the differences between Democrats and Republicans? 2) How is the President elected? 3) What are the roles of special interest groups (ethnic) and lobbies (obychnyi business)? Give 2 examples. National Rifle Association pharmaceutics companies) 4) What are checks and balances? How do they keep one branch of government from gaining too much power? 5) Describe the assimilation of non-protestant European in the late 19 th and early 20 th century. 6) What was the civil rights movement? Name 2 leaders. 7) Why do ethnic groups self-segregate? (Diaspora,) baby boom 46-64 entitlement, criptocracy (everyone is corrupt) facet. segregate Chapter 7 1) how power should the government have? 2) Complete ex 152-156 P 176 – 1 paragraph each
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Unformatted text preview: Answer each q in one Paragraph: 1) Can and do so many diverse cultures get along in Los Angeles? 2) What caused the LA rights in 1992? 3) What are stereotypes that you have of the following groups: Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians? 4) Is assimilation to American culture a good or bad thing? What is the process of assimilation? 5) Do you accept marriage with a person outside of your ethnic group? Why or why not? 6) What are advantages or disadvantages of living in a multicultural society? Vocabulary: Melting pot vs. Salad bowl Anti-Semitism WAST white anglo-sacson protestant Contradiction Abolish Degrade Segregation Civil rights Barriers/obstacles Despair Legacy Obliterate...
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