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Assignment2 ESL 155 1. Having nervousness on an acceptable level every time I give a speech is essential for me to make a best performance. This feeling helps me to be more concentrated and alert. The most helpful suggestions on how to overcome nervousness or how to reduce it so it doesn't interfere with the performance, are: first, to be well prepared, second, to rehearse your speech. 2. The first described speaker feels way too relaxed and, probably, doesn’t take the audience seriously. The second description tells us about speaker’s nervousness and discomfort. The excessiveness of movements will distract the audience’s attention. 3. In Eastern cultures making too much eye contact is oppressive or rude. In
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Unformatted text preview: some cultures, intense eye contact between men can be considered aggressive. Americans prefer a more direct eye contact compared to other nations. In most cases, it is considered as a sign of honesty and reliability. It is crucial to maintain an eye contact while listening or speaking. Looking into the other person's eyes shows your interest in the topic and the conversation in whole. Staring, however, can seem strange. 4. Vitality is a combination of liveliness and enthusiasm. Speaker expresses intense enjoyment, interest about a subject. If speaker is lifeless and has no vitality about the topic, the desirable message to the audience would not be delivered....
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