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1. TV is the most dangerous source, full of advertisements, which can hurt our ability to concentrate. The reason of this influence is because watching could distract not only our visual sense, but auditory sense as well. There are some “light” sources of advertisement such as radio and magazines, because they are connected with only one of our senses of perception whether it is visual, or auditory. However, it is does not mean that their affects on our concentration are lesser than TV’s. Bright commercial pictures in magazines could shadow the actual black-and-white typed article we are interested in. This way, they are interfering with our ability to focus. Nevertheless, the main problem is that while magazine can be read skipping advertisements and letting our concentration be tuned, the radio is not. It has previously arranged program schedule, which we can not change. 2. The ability to concentrate and to be alert directly depends on our health
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Unformatted text preview: conditions. There is a list of some major health predispositions we should be aware of in order to improve our ability to focus. They include depression and related to it all psychological ilnesses, as well as neurological, pathological. All of them are need to be treated carefully under doctor's supervision. However, healthy lifestyle, which includes excersizing regularly, spending enough time outside, maintaining right sleep patterns, is the best way to help you with concentration. 3. I like Beata's response because it covers wide range of true solutions on how to improve our ability to concentrate. First, she clearly explained methods of how to be alert while studying. Secondly, she did not forget to mention mental and physical conditions which are significantly important. In addition, she shared whith us her personal experience about how to improve concentration in distracting settings....
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