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ESL151-Discussion#4 - and harmless We never be able refuse...

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1) Greg Critser in his essay “Don’t Eat the Flan,” declares that the main reason of the obesity lies within the issue of the moral deformity such a term as gluttony. According to the author’s research, in Christinianity, gluttony, previously considered as a deadly sin, last years has been converted to the category as a easy trespass. Critser sorry for the fact that not only gluttony, the deadly sin, but also parental moral warnings, are not taken seriously today. To sum, according to the author, the reason of obesity is expressed, first of all, in our attitude towards adverse moral norm, which eventually has being forgotten and is not being taken into consideration. 2) I think it could be happen in the society with high moral standards and their adherence. Unfortunately, the realization of overeating as a moral issue, and as a gluttony, a sin, would be mostly impossible for today's reality. First of all, overeating is the same as sex, connected with our desires, and seems to us as something natural, pleasurable,
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Unformatted text preview: and harmless. We never be able refuse from our desires. Secondly, living in high-industrialized society and having such beneficial subject for our economy as fast-food chains, there will be a lot of opponents of the moral proposition. 3) There are two main groups among people who tend to sue fast-food companies. I would call the first group as «smart people». They, probably, realize their personal responsibility for fatness, but still sueing the fast-food companies because of their greed, another type of seven deadly sins. However, there is another group of people for whom I'm sincerely feeling sorry. Those helpless individuals due to their irresponsibility have a bad habbit to shoulder a burden for the another person. They don't understand that fast-food companies are not responsible for consumer's health conditions, and, moreover, fast-food companies don't force them to eat in excess....
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  • Spring '09
  • CARR,K
  • Seven deadly sins, deadly sin, Greg Critser, fast-food companies, parental moral warnings, adverse moral norm

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