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1. Greg Crister in his essay by the name “Don’t Eat the Flan,” blames the food advertisers for their immoral influence on propaganda of the unhealthy food consumption. The trick of spending big money for the buildup junk food advertisements, makes children demand that their parents buy fatty advertised products more often. 2. According to Alison Motluk, an “obesogenic” environment” is a setting that contributes to gaining weight. It includes the factors that put our health in danger such as: increasing food portions, inaccessibility to the active physical life, as well as bad everyday dietary habits. 3. By clearly explaining the reasons of the obesity, Motluk has no need of proposing any solutions. Having such fundamental and incurable reasons, it is almost irrelevant to propose any solutions. However, if they existed, they would be the radical change of our culture and the way we leave. 4.
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