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ESL151-Discussion#6 - quality foods that oftentimes cause...

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1) In the Los Angeles Times article “Your friend, the kitchen,” Paul Roberts says that people cook less at home and, therefore, lose their cooking skills, can’t recognize authenticity of food, and consume food that is of low nutritional quality. 2) According to the article, people do not cook at home these days because they do not have time to cook at home. Moreover, the author thinks that Americans do not know how to cook. 3) According to the article, due to the fact that people are not cooking at home, the food industry is gaining financially. It enlarges the variety of foods. Hence,
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Unformatted text preview: quality foods that oftentimes cause illnesses. Another consequence of all-abounding foods outside the home is obesity. Paul Roberts says that by cutting time for cooking at home, we can devote more time for education, work and rest, which, does not benefit people's health. 4) The solution the author proposed can be found in the last paragraph of the article. Paul Roberts proposes to spend more time cooking at home in order to obtain cooking skills and to avoid bad nitrition and illnesses connected with it....
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