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It's true that all parents want a better life for their own children than they had. That is why parents are trying to rule kid's life. Sometimes, not surprisingly but obviously, it works, for example, when father owner of numerous oil companies wants his son to be the legator of his business. Certainly, if his son agreed to inherit all responsibilities of father, son will succeed. However, most of the time, the desires and hopes of parents towards child's future are only ruing child's future life. One example is the life of Caroline Hwang, the author of the "Good Daughter", who lost her path because of constant confrontation between her own ambitions and parent's wishes. Eventually, Hwang
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Unformatted text preview: neither totally followed her own preferences in life nor her parents'. This example shows that despite parents' good intentions, they unwillingly shatter children's dream as well as satisfaction of life. I understand your point of view, but cannot share it because such positive outcomes when children follow the parent's decisions and eventually benefit from it are very rare. Most of the time, parents' wishes tend to become hurdle in life of their children, especially when it comes to kid's talent or capabilities. You, Nora, and your brothers have to consider yourself lucky if you are truly satisfied with the decision your parents made for you....
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