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There are different reasons why students plagiarize on research papers. For many students who work or have other commitments, writing a research paper is a time- consuming task. They cannot manage their time. Thus, to meet the deadlines, they have no other choice but to plagiarize. Some students, due to their sluggishness cannot make themselves start thinking on the research paper’s topic. They would better play computer games or hang out with friends. Another group of students just have a tendency to procrastinate writing the research paper until the due date. However, the main reason that students plagiarize is that they do not understand the true purpose of the research paper – not to receive the grade and be done with it but to obtain the valuable knowledge about the topic and to gain important skills they will need during their life. I believe, that plagiarizing does not have any positive outcomes. By plagiarizing, students cheat themselves. They will not gain any valuable knowledge from the work and will not
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