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Evaluating Research Paper Sources Checklist When you find sources for your research paper, be sure to check for the following in each of your sources. By following this checklist, you will ensure that the sources you have chosen are credible and that you have demonstrated that your research has been thorough. CHECKING FOR SIGNS OF BIAS (PARTIALITY) ( Does the author or publisher have political leanings or religious views that could affect objectivity? o Is the author or publisher associated with a special-interest group, such as Greenpeace or the National Rifle Association, that might promote one side of an issue? p Are alternative views presented and addressed? How fairly does the author treat opposing views? v Does the author’s language show signs of bias?
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ASSESSING AN ARGUMENT A What is the author’s central claim or thesis? W How does the author support this claim — with relevant and sufficient evidence or with just a few anecdotes or emotional examples? f Are statistics consistent with those you encounter
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ESL151-EvaluatingResearchPaperSourcesChecklist - Evaluating...

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