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ESL151-Reading SummarySAMPLES - Reading Summary SAMPLE...

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Reading Summary –SAMPLE 1- Name ESL 151 2/24/09 Reading Summary #1 Writing Prompt: Should the City of Los Angeles expand its subway system? Title of Original Article: If We Build It, They Will Ride Article Date: May 22, 2006 Word Count: 158 In The Los Angeles Times article titled “If We Build It, They Will Come , ” William Jennings argues for the need to expand the subway system in the city of Los Angeles. He feels that more drivers would avoid driving alone on congested freeways and instead elect to ride the subway if it were available in more areas. Most notably, the author cites that the city should add a subway line directly under Wilshire Boulevard, leading from downtown to Westwood. He feels that by adding a line to this densely populated area, more commuters would then ride the subway and avoid
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clogging the already overcrowded freeways as single drivers. The author also notes that Los Angeles residents should express their desire to extend the city’s subway system by voting in favor of proposed legislation that would provide adequate funding for the projected new line. The city of Los Angeles should expand its subway system in order to reduce traffic. --Copy of the Original Article-- EDITORIAL If We Build It, They Will Ride The Red Line could be expanded to Fairfax without local money, but only if county leaders show guts. May 22, 2006 THE RED LINE SUBWAY is like a stick man whose leg has been blown off by a political landmine, leaving only a stub where it ends at Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue. Thanks to Sacramento, there is now a chance to extend that lost limb to the knee — but only if local planners have the courage to make it happen. From a transportation standpoint, the new state bond proposal worked out by the Legislature is much better for Los Angeles than the old version proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The governor's plan was to devote billions to freeway improvements and a small amount to inter-city trains, with nothing for urban public transit systems like L.A.'s bus, subway and light-rail lines. The Legislature produced
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ESL151-Reading SummarySAMPLES - Reading Summary SAMPLE...

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