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3/03/09 Reading Summary #2 Writing Prompt: Should we place renewable energy systems in the California land? Title of Original Article: “ Could Green Kill the Desert?” Article Date: February 15, 2009 Word Count: 199 In The Los Angeles Times article titled “Could Green Kill the Desert?”, Bruce M. Pavlik warns that placing solar and wind equipment for energy saving reasons will destroy the ecosystem of the California desert. He states that without cautious control of this process it can cause irreparable consequences instead of its’ primary defensive goal. He points to the flimsy state of the desert’s ecosystem. Once it is disturbed, reinstatement could be turned to exorbitant, even unobtainable. As a way to protect California's land from the damage, solar and water facilities should be used in the urbanized areas only. What is remarkable, Pavlik reveals the fact about the actual effect on establishing desert's ecosystems. He states that this effect includes inevitable harm caused to the system. The author cautions against the outwardly approach to solving the issues that renewable energy industries face when it comes to California deserts. He further calls for the government to reevaluate the overall effects of alternative energy projects. Pavlik presents the tradeoff between the harm sustained by the ecosystem and the effective industrialization of California deserts. The renewable energy systems should not be placed in bare California deserts since they will harm their ecological diversity. --Copy of the Original Article--
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ESL151-REadingSummary1 - ESL 151 3/03/09 Reading Summary #2...

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