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3/10/09 Reading Summary #3 Writing Prompt: Should foster children be adopted by unmarried couples? Title of Original Article: “ Married or Not, Let Couples Adopt.” Article Date: January 27, 2009 Word Count: 161 In the Los Angeles Times article “Married or Not, Let Couples Adopt”, David Ambroz argues for the need to adopt foster kids by unmarried couples. From his personal experience, he states how difficult it is if you don’t have stability in life. The author wonders how adoption could be prohibited throughout the United States for families living within domestic partnerships if there is a vast majority of kids who are desperate and need parental help and support. Later, David Ambroz narrows the topic into such discriminatory issues as prohibiting adoption by gays. In addition, by supporting adoption by gays, he provides us with a scientifically proven example, which shows the harmless influence on foster children who have been raised in non-traditional families. In conclusion, he emphasizes the fact that the number one priority for foster children is not gender similarities of their parents, but finding a warm and persistent place for themselves. Foster children should be adopted by unmarried couples.
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ESL151-REadingSummary2 - ESL 151 3/10/09 Reading Summary #3...

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