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ESL 151 Reading Summary Assignment Score/Grade Sheet ______/40 points Formatting/Organization (6 points) /1 Essay Question/Writing Prompt /1 /1 Word Count /1 Copy of LA Times Article Attached /1 Formatting (Indented, Double-spaced, margins, font) /1 Thesis is underlined Content (16 points) /4 First sentence includes author name, article title, and accurate general overall summary /10 Includes main ideas of article and doesn't include details of article. Reports only what author says; doesn't include student's opinion /20 Grammar/Mechanics/Sentence Structure (18 points) 1 point is deducted from your writing summary for errors in any of the following areas. You will lose ONLY ONE POINT PER ERROR , regardless of how many errors in that particular area. It is your responsibility to read the lecture/textbook
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Unformatted text preview: notes about these errors or discuss them with your instructor so as to avoid maki them again on future writing assignments. q Agreement errors q Adjective (relative) clause errors q Article errors q Capitalization errors q Coherence errors q Comma/semicolon misuse q Comma splices q Fragments q Modifier errors q Run-ons q Spelling errors q Transition/Connector errors q Unclear sentences q Unity errors q Verb tense errors q Verb form errors q Word choice errors q Word form errors (part of speech or sing/plural) q Word order (phrase, clause or sentence structure) 40-36 points = A 35-32 points = B 31-28 points = C 27-24 points = D 23-0 points = F...
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This note was uploaded on 09/26/2009 for the course ESL 151 taught by Professor Carr,k during the Spring '09 term at Glendale Community College.

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ESL151-ReadingSummaryGradeSheet - notes about these errors...

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