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ESL 151 Reading Summary Assignment Due: Monday, February 23 rd by NOON (12 pm) Directions: 1. Go to the Los Angeles Times website ( ) 2. Click on the Opinion Section 3. Scroll down to the Op-Ed Part of this Page 4. Find the article titled: “Select a baby’s health, not eye color” by Allen Goldberg. (You may need to click on “See more Op-Ed” to find the article). 5. Copy and paste the article into Microsoft Word. Make sure to include the title, author and date and the entire article. 6. Print out the article 7. Read the article 8. Underline or highlight important ideas/main ideas as you read. 9. Read the article again and annotate it. (See “Sample Annotated Article” in Reading Summaries Learning Module in Blackboard) 10. Complete the attached Questions related to your article 11. Submit your answers to the attached Questions related to the article under “Assignments” in Blackboard by NOON (12 p.m.) on Monday, February 23, 2009 Due: Tuesday, February 24 th
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ESL151-ReadingSumPracticeAssignment-1 - ESL 151 Reading...

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