ESL151-Refutation Assignment

ESL151-Refutation Assignment - ESL 151 Refutation...

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ESL 151 Refutation Assignment 3/31/2009 Question: Should the citizens of California be allowed to carry guns? Pro Con Bearing firearms is a constitutional right guaranteed by the Second Amendment People have a natural need for self- defense Gun control is a restriction of basic freedom and democracy Suicide is more widespread form of handgun death than homicide The government has the right to deny any of our firearms rights The Second Amendment has been misinterpreted: it does not provide for an individual, but rather a collective right to bear arms The free possession of weapons still result in unjustifiable deaths. What wakes gun violence possible is the availability of its tools - guns Thesis: It is absolutely imperative that handguns be stricltly banned in California. First Paragraph: The safety behind the ring of steel has never been a solution to the national issue of gun control. There has never been a country where this issue has reached such a serious
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ESL151-Refutation Assignment - ESL 151 Refutation...

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