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ESL 151 REFUTATION ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES For this assignment you are going to do five things. You will choose a topic, brainstorm arguments for and against it, develop a thesis, write a paragraph that supports your position and write a refutation paragraph. DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the following questions listed below. First, make a pro/con list for the topic (minimum two each) Next, develop a thesis for the topic. Then, write one body paragraph that has begins with an argument supporting your position on the topic (your thesis). Finally, write a refutation paragraph for this topic. If this were an essay, it would be body paragraph #3 in your essay. In other words, for your second paragraph, be sure to write a refutation conceding your opponent's strongest argument. This assignment must be typed, double-spaced and have 1" margins. It must be printed and turned in at the beginning of class on Tuesday, March 31, 2009. All parts of the assignment must be completed. Late work will not be accepted. Your work will be graded on completion of all parts of the assignment, quality of the two paragraphs and language (grammar, vocabulary, mechanics). Make sure to edit your work
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ESL151-RefutationAssignmentGuidelines - ESL 151 REFUTATION...

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