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ESL151-ResearchPaperOutlineAssignment - Valery Bessmertnyy...

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Valery Bessmertnyy ESL 151 Ms. Carr 05/05/2009 Outline I. Introduction: A. The realization of the fact that natural resources are not infinite and energy regulations in the US are not perfect has become more evident in the recent years. B. Thesis: National environmental policy in the US should focus on developing renewable energy policy. II. Despite the fact that the implementation of renewable energy policy has started, it still needs more impetus to come to fruition. A. The goals of the current renewable energy policy are unclear. B. Government has a dominant role in renewable energy regulation. C. The legislation favoring renewable energy has been passed in select states only. III. A well-developed renewable energy policy on the national level will boost economic growth in the country. A. Cheaper energy B. More jobs C. Cut the expenses for cleaning the environment IV. Further implementation of the improved renewable energy policy will be beneficial for the environment.
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A. Having renewable energy will leave scarce natural resouces intact.
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ESL151-ResearchPaperOutlineAssignment - Valery Bessmertnyy...

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