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ESL 151 First of all, the grades in colleges navigate students to help them to know their weak and strong sides in the particular area of the subject. “Navigational function” vouches for the grades' unique but very simple and easy-to-understand form. According to Elliott Miles, “most American universities today still use traditional grading system of A-B-C-D-F…and most students and faculty members are comfortable - or at least familiar - with it”(279). Definitely, the traditional grading system is the most universal and commonly known form for evaluating the student’s performance. Operating with
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Unformatted text preview: such a concise grading system, educators ease the studing process for students. By ranking students’ knowledge in such a clear and understandable manner, educators objectively show students whether there is a need to strenghten the knowledge on a subject or not. For example, bad grades show a student that he/she should work harder on this subject. On the other hand, good grades show a student that he/she may emphasize less that particular area . Therefore, grades are a nessesity in school because they “open student's eyes” and help students to understand how they academically perform in college....
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