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Kaitlyn Lu Mr. Steinkemper AP Eng Lit. 8 31 January 2020 Catch-22_Commentary #8 (Chapters 38-42) One of the only surviving characters in Joseph Heller’s novel, Catch-22, Chaplain proves to be a truly dynamic character through his impressive progression from a weak, quiet minor character to a strong man with new morals. At the beginning of the novel the chaplain would have never, “ straightened his shoulders with determination and tightened his jaw” (Heller 450). The chaplain entered the war a highly religious man that had a general set of morals based on his religious beliefs. However, as Chaplain began to witness the horrors of war, his morals and beliefs began to change because to him, there was no religious explanation for the traumas of war. Whenever the military higher-ups spoke to the chaplain, he would take their words with a grain of salt but still keep his personal thoughts to himself. This changed as the novel progresses with more and more corrupt actions of the military coming into light, the Chaplain began to grow
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Unformatted text preview:a backbone and stood up to the corrupt colonels and generals due to Yossarian's influence. In the chaplain's last conversation with Yossarian he states, "Run away to Sweden, Yossarian. And I'll stay here and preserve. Yes. I'll persevere. I'll nag and badger Colonel Cathcart and Colonel Korn every time I see them. I'm not afraid. I'll even pick on General Dreedle'" (Heller 451). Heller creates a character arc for the chaplain as he makes Chaplain almost a replacement Yossarian as Yossarian plans to flea. Throughout the novel, Yossarian was the main character that showcased and questioned all the wrongdoings of the higher-ups in the military; with the chaplain evolving to do so as well. Heller's characterization of Yossarian and Chaplain gives the audience a pillar of hope in the corrupt military world. The chaplain's shift into Yossarian's role gives the audience hope that the selfish actions within the military will eventually be corrected and/or stopped.