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Sheet1 Page 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the project README file. Here, you should describe your project. Tell the reader (someone who does not know anything about this project) all he/she needs to know. The comments should usually include at least: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PROJECT TITLE: TFTP Client Server Transaction PURPOSE OF PROJECT: To create a better understanding of TFTP and rtcs VERSION or DATE: iteration 4 HOW TO START THIS PROJECT: Read below Instructions AUTHORS: Ahmad Abdelrahman, Ahmad Faour, Seyed Mousavi, Sultan Al Mehairi USER INSTRUCTIONS: TO MAKE SURE THAT THE ITERATION IS WORKING, PLACE THE TEST FILE IN THE FOLLOWING DIRECTORY: c:\TEM P The files included are:,,,,,, lab.jcu and lab.jcw.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Unzip the file and save where you may please. 2. Once the file is unzipped, open Jcreator and press close to the start page by right clicking to the start page tab. 3. Click on open and open the lab.jcw file, this is a project workspace file that allows for the system to work properly. 4. Once files have been loaded on the Jcreator workspace, open run and click on run project. 5. The window that opens up is the simulator file, once opened, click on the tftpserver tab and run that file. 6. Once the tftpserver file has opened, go back and repeat the process to open the tftpclient file. 7. Once all three files are running, you may start you testing! P.S for error code 6 we decided its ok to overwrite the file!...
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