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Unformatted text preview: --------- --- ------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ------------This is t he project README fi le. Here, you should describe your project. Tell the rea der (so meone who does not k now anythi ng about t his project) all he/sh e n eeds to know. The comments should usu ally inclu de at least: --------- --- ------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ------------PROJECT T ITL E: TFTP Client Se rver Trans action PURPOSE O F P ROJECT: To create a better understand ing of TFT P and rtcs VERSION o r D ATE: it eration 4 HOW TO ST ART THIS P ROJECT: Re ad below I nstruction s AUTHORS: Ahm ad Abde lrahman, A hmad Faour , Seyed Mo usavi, Sul tan Al Mehairi USER INST RUC TIONS: TO MAKE S URE THAT T HE ITERATI ON IS WORK ING, PLACE THE TEST FILE IN THE FOLLOWIN G DIRECTORY: c:\TEMP. The files in cluded are: TFTPclien t.j ava, TF TPserver.j ava, TFtps hutdown.ja va, reader .java, errorsimulato,, lab.jcu and lab.jcw. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Unzip the file a nd save wh ere you ma y please. Once t he file is unzipped, open Jcre ator and p ress close to the start page b y right clicking to the start page tab. Click on open an d open the lab.jcw f ile, this is a proje ct workspace file th at allows for the system to work properly. Once f ile s have been loade d on the J creator wo rkspace, o pen run and click on run project. The wi ndo w that opens up i s the simu lator file , once ope ned, click on the tf tpserver tab and run that file. Once t he tftpser ver file h as opened, go back a nd repeat the process to open the tftpclient file. Once a ll three f iles are r unning, yo u may star t you test ing! P.S for e rro r code 6 we decid ed its ok to overwri te the fil e! ...
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